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Q: Can I use the SKICLICKER™ SOLE for Gripwalk and Alpine bindings?

A: Yes, front and rear interface of SKICLICKER™ SOLE is according to ISO 5355, this means you can use it for pre-setting adjustment of both Gripwalk and Alpine bindings.

Q: Is SKICLICKER™ working with any rental software?

A: Yes, SKICLICKER™ SOLE is analog and works with any software. To maximise the use of SKICLICKER™ MEASUREMENT TOOL we recommend having the possibility to type in the measurements into the software. Check with your software dealer.

Q: What is the optimal product setup for me?

A: To optimise the workflow you would need 1 SKICLICKER™ SOLE senior and 1 SKICLICKER™ SOLE junior per every rental desk for ski binding adjustments. As for SKICLICKER MEASUREMENT TOOL, its depending on the size of your rental shop, but our recommendation is 1 per every 4 rental desks. If you want to use the measurement tool in season also, we would recommend 1 per every rental desk for smooth operation.

Q: What is the ski boot sole size range for the SKICLICKER™ SOLE?

A: SKICLICKER™ SOLE comes in 2 versions. SENIOR for ski boots TYPE A and JUNIOR for ski boots TYPE C.

Q: Do you have SKICLICKER™ SOLE for tech bindings?

A: No, as there are not enough general standards for these ski boots/bindings yet.